For LIMES professionals, specialised knowledge is a lifeline. We continuously invest in these areas, which is one of the mainstays of our organisation and service offering. To allow clients and other professionals to benefit from this knowledge and become acquainted with our organisation in an accessible way, we have founded LIMES academy. During seminars, workshops and in-house presentations we provide HR & finance, payroll, global mobility professionals and managers with up-to-date knowledge, interesting case studies and solutions to challenging issues.

The dynamic interaction with attendants creates a personal atmosphere during the LIMES academy seminars and workshops. In addition, it provides a continual alignment of knowledge of the daily practice and vice versa. A factor that cannot be underestimated is the compact number of attendants for whom LIMES academy is hosted. This allows for many questions from the field and cases, as well as networking with other attendants from your professional field.


New webinar: Current Affairs | COVID-19

It is our pleasure to announce our first English-spoken webinar: Current Affairs | COVID-19. Would you like to know more about global mobility and the effects of COVID-19? LIMES will catch you up on various subjects and answer your questions during our Current Affairs webinar. Will we see you on June 4 at 16:00 hrs?

During this webinar our advisers will take you through the current affairs regarding work- and residence permits, taxes and social security in relation to COVID-19 and global mobility. It will be an interactive webinar with short introductions, after which our advisers will answer any questions you might have on these subjects.

This webinar is free of charge and brought to you by LIMES academy and Expat Centre Leiden.

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