For LIMES professionals, specialised knowledge is a lifeline. We continuously invest in these areas, which is one of the mainstays of our organisation and service offering. To allow clients and other professionals to benefit from this knowledge and become acquainted with our organisation in an accessible way, we have founded LIMES academy. During seminars, workshops and in-house presentations we provide HR & finance, payroll, global mobility professionals and managers with up-to-date knowledge, interesting case studies and solutions to challenging issues.

The dynamic interaction with attendants creates a personal atmosphere during the LIMES academy seminars and workshops. In addition, it provides a continual alignment of knowledge of the daily practice and vice versa. A factor that cannot be underestimated is the compact number of attendants for whom LIMES academy is hosted. This allows for many questions from the field and cases, as well as networking with other attendants from your professional field.


New seminar: 30% ruling and salary split

Previously LIMES academy was only offered in Dutch, but due to popular demand it is our pleasure to present our first English-spoken workshop: 30% ruling and salary split. This workshop is offered free of charge.

The 30% ruling is a Dutch tax facility which aims to make employment in the Netherlands more attractive for foreign employees. Salary split is the (desired or undesired) result of working across national borders when a strong connection with the country of employment is in place.

On March 23, the Dutch government has decided to ban all gatherings until June 1st, due to the coronavirus. Because of this, we are obliged to cancel all LIMES academy seminars and workshops in the months of April and May. This includes our workshop ‘30% ruling and salary split’ scheduled for May 14th. We would like to keep you updated. Want to stay up-to-date on our upcoming seminars and workshops? Sign up here for our newsletter.