Meet our speakers

The specialists at LIMES international have extensive experience, knowledge and know-how that they would be happy to share with you during the seminars, workshops and in-house presentations offered by LIMES academy. Read more about our regular speakers below.

Frank Mélotte | Director
Frank Mélotte | Director LIMES international
At LIMES international, Frank deals with international tax on a daily basis, specialising in European law in particular.
His aim while speaking is to get the participants thoroughly engaged so that they can spot opportunities and risks in their company or organisation early on.
Jaap Spierenburg | Director
Jaap Spierenburg | Director LIMES international
‘Legislation, national and international, is in a constant state of flux. And our work is impacted by social developments too. This makes our work dynamic – and never boring,’ says Jaap. Jaap is the go-to guy for information on international social security. He also likes to focus on global mobility in general.
Kathleen Coppens | Manager
Kathleen Coppens | ManagerLIMES international
For Kathleen, international tax and global mobility is her daily fare, often with from the perspective of Belgian companies. Her knowledge in this area shines in the NL-BE workshop, where she shows how the two countries compare when it comes to topics like social security, payroll obligations, and the compensation scheme. To find out more, join the NL-BE workshop.
Dennis Reins | Partner
Dennis Reins | PartnerLIMES international
At LIMES International, Dennis handles global mobility tax matters from a wide variety of clients on a daily basis. His preferred approach is to address issues from a technical perspective and from multiple angles simultaneously. He then takes the results and sees how these can be worked into practice. He facilitates enhanced interaction with and between participants so that knowledge can be transferred.
Wytske Wijnnobel | Manager
Wytske Wijnnobel | ManagerLIMES international
Handling all matters relating to economic migration is Wytske’s daily occupation. She enjoys following all the developments so that she can give clients the up-to-date knowledge they need to ensure the procedure they are facing can be completed quickly and properly. She would be happy to share her knowledge and know-how with you too.
Reinier Braakman | Adviser
Reinier Braakman | AdviserLIMES international
Reinier works in the international tax and global mobility department at LIMES international, specialising in the Dutch ‘30% ruling’ (tax break for expats to cover extra expenses).

Using compelling examples, he strives to simplify complex matter and clearly convey the possibilities and pitfalls.

Arianne Houwaard | International payroll adviser
Arianne Houwaard | International payroll adviserLIMES international
In her daily work, Arianne helps clients with payroll processing for cross-border workers. She provides clear salary statements and/or payroll instructions so that the employer and employee are both able to check and understand complicated payslips and other records of employee payments. Her objective is to give participants better insight into the structure of this payroll information regarding cross-border workers.
Michel Teunisse | Senior Consultant AON
Michel Teunisse | Senior Consultant AON
Michel has over 30 years’ experience in the insurance industry, specialising in people-oriented solutions, insurance and services, in the Netherlands and internationally. What is key to him is providing insight into the possibilities, developing policy in the area of international mobility and sending employees into the world more in control and more secure.
Marijke Zwaan| Business Developer AON
Marijke Zwaan| Business Developer AON
Marijke advises organisations with employees moving across borders for shorter or longer periods. This advice focuses on the risks that international mobility entails for the employee him/herself and for the organisation, and how to mitigate these risks. Consider, for example, business travel insurance combined with a safe travel protocol or international medical insurance in the case of long-term deployments.
Eveline Aalbers| International Account Manager
Eveline Aalbers| International Account Manager
Within MILES, Eveline takes care of daily contact with both clients and employees and ensures that all questions regarding employer and employee status are clear. She is also concerned with good employment practices every day by holding discussions with the parties involved with whom MILES works.
In addition, she conducts introductory talks with potential clients explaining what an ERA+ is and what MILES can do for them.

“I look forward to telling participants more about our work and the power of MILES.”

Marijke de Vries| Business Development Manager
Marijke de Vries| Business Development Manager
Marijke works within LIMES international as an immigration advisor and business development manager. She strives to provide clients with the best possible service, because when using the recognised referent status of MILES, the application for a Dutch residence permit, salary administration and the 30% ruling application are arranged by LIMES. Marijke’s goal while speaking is to enthuse clients and share her knowledge.